Fenders for the City bikes



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Women at the bamboo workshop in Tánh Linh

The fenders are made of 3 layers of laminated bamboo carefully glued together in the required curve, and then gently polished. They are covered by epoxy to be protected against all bad weather. These will give a very beautiful bamboo look to any bike.

The bamboo workshop employ 20 people who have roughly doubled their income.

Like all other products made by Mekong+, these items are a gift that gives twice.


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Customer’s commendations
“My husband bought me 3 of your  stunning quilts, (a year ago)… I just absolutely love them… bit of a struggle trying to get them in our luggage but we did it… lol…. Just love, love your shops….xx”
Alison Edwards (USA)
“Beautiful experience! I had heard about Mekong Quilts and made it a point to visit. Beautiful quilts all hand made along with many other things. I bought a wonderful small quilt and pillow cover for my new 1 year old grandson with geccos on it. Fantastic and perfect for a little boy. If you have time definity stop by the ladies are very nice and helpful.
Shanghai168 / Georgetown, Texas
“The quilt is the most beautiful object I have from Vietnam / SE Asia. It is absolutely perfect! I was a tailor when I was young and I know how much time and skill goes into hand crafted work. This quilt is a gift for my sister but I love it so much I have just ordered another one”.
Allison Cargill, UK