Together, we want to act to have a better world !

Since 2001, Mekong Quilts is a social enterprise acting for sustainable employment of under-privileged women in Vietnam and Cambodia, by creating high-quality products, respectful of the planet. We want to have a positive impact on …



Quilting and creating water hyacinth or papier maché products require very low investment, enabling women to work from home, close to their families.


By offering them a paid job adapted to their needs, Mekong Quilts can employ more than 100 women in villages of Vietnam and Cambodia, and considerably increase their standard of living.


Besides  this direct economic benefit, all Mekong Quilts profits are, via the parent organization Mekong Plus NGO,  used to support the wider community through development initiatives such as micro-financing, scholarships, and health, hygiene and agricultural education programs.




In a context of high environmental crisis, Mekong Quilts wants to stand as a company actually caring for our planet. All the materials we use for our products are natural and locally sourced.


Our clothes are made of natural linen or cotton, all our papier-maché products are 100% made of recycled newspaper, and we have a big collection of natural hand-braided water hyacinth bags.


But one of our most original products in terms of material used, is the bamboo bike. As resistant as a bike made of steel but… natural!




The Mekong Quilts team members work very hard everyday, with the women artisans to offer you the best products possible.


With their design inspired from the Vietnamese and Cambodian culture, Mekong Quilts products are the perfect match between tradition and modern style.

For your home, for you, for your children…



“Every item purchased from Mekong Quilts is a gift that gives twice.”


Photo gallery: quilters at work


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