Your Guide to the Top 15 Souvenirs to Bring Home from Vietnam


Vietnam, with its vibrant culture and rich history, offers a treasure trove of souvenirs that go beyond the ordinary. From traditional handicrafts to modern expressions of art, each item tells a story of the country’s heritage. In this journey through the bustling markets and artisan workshops, we unveil the top 15 souvenirs to bring home from Vietnam.

Ao Dai: Where Elegance Meets Silk


Two young Vietnamese ladies wearing the traditional ao dai


Vietnam’s traditional Ao Dai, a long tunic gracefully worn over pants, is a sartorial masterpiece. Crafted from the finest silk, each Ao Dai embodies centuries of tradition and modern elegance. Considered the epitome of Vietnamese femininity, bringing home an Ao Dai is like owning a piece of wearable art.

Non La: Crafting Identity, One Bamboo Strand at a Time


An old woman handcrafting conical hats


The Non La, or conical hat, is an iconic symbol of Vietnamese identity. Handwoven from slender bamboo strips, this hat not only provides respite from the sun but also serves as a canvas for intricate artwork. Each hat, unique in its design, reflects the local artisan’s skill and the region’s cultural nuances.

Mekong Quilts’ Water Hyacinth Bags: Eco-Chic with a Conscience


Mekong Quilts’ water hyacinth bag


Mekong Quilts’ water hyacinth bags redefine fashion with a conscience. Crafted from an invasive plant, these bags are a testament to eco-friendly chic. Each bag is not just a style statement; it’s a commitment to sustainable practices, empowering local communities while minimizing environmental impact.

Lacquerware: Layers of Artistry


Lacquerware bowls made out of coconuts


Lacquerware in Vietnam is not just an object; it’s a canvas where stories come to life. From trays to vases, the meticulous layers of lacquer paint narrate tales of Vietnam’s rich cultural tapestry. These exquisite pieces make for timeless gifts, a fusion of utility and artistry.

Water Puppet: Theatrical Tales on Water


Water puppet souvenirs


A water puppet from Vietnam is not merely a souvenir; it’s a ticket to the country’s theatrical heritage. Originating from the rice fields, these puppets dance on water, enacting traditional tales. Bringing one home means bringing home a piece of a mesmerizing performance that has been enchanting audiences for generations.

Silk Products: Hoi An’s Silken Legacy


Colorful silk in Hoi An, Vietnam


Hoi An‘s reputation for silk is woven into its very fabric. Scarves, clothing, and accessories made from Hoi An silk are not just luxurious; they’re a tactile connection to the town’s rich textile heritage. Soft, vibrant, and steeped in tradition, these silk products are a wearable piece of Vietnam’s history.

Mekong Quilts’ Bed Quilts: Handcrafted Comfort with a Purpose


One of numerous Mekong Quilts’ handmade bed quilts


Mekong Quilts’ bed quilts go beyond warmth; they tell tales of tradition, community, and craftsmanship. Handmade by skilled artisans, each quilt is a labor of love, reflecting Vietnam’s rich quilting heritage. By choosing a Mekong Quilts’ bed quilt, you not only envelop yourself in comfort but also contribute to sustainable employment for underprivileged women.

Weaving from Sa Pa: Handwoven Heritage


A woman weaving turning fabric into art in the Sa Pa region


The intricate weaving of Sa Pa, a mountainous region in northern Vietnam, produces beautiful textiles. Bringing home a handwoven item, be it a scarf or a table runner, means owning a piece of Sapa’s cultural heritage. It’s a tangible connection to the skill and artistry of the local communities.

Ceramic Handicrafts: Bat Trang’s Clay Chronicles


Vietnamese pottery and ceramic in a souvenir shop


From the ancient village of Bat Trang comes an array of exquisite pottery and ceramics. Plates, bowls, and figurines carry the distinctive touch of Vietnamese craftsmanship. Bringing a piece of Bat Trang home means infusing your space with the earthy charm of traditional Vietnamese ceramics.

Vietnamese Coffee: Sip the Culture


Two workers harvesting coffee beans


Vietnamese coffee, robust and distinctive, is a taste of the country’s cultural identity. Whether you opt for local coffee beans or the traditional phin filter, bringing home these coffee essentials means carrying the aromatic essence of Vietnam in every cup.

Silk Lanterns: Hue’s Luminescent Legacy


Dozens of colorful lanterns in Hoi An, Vietnam


Hue, with its imperial history, is renowned for its vibrant silk lanterns. These handcrafted marvels bring a touch of royalty to any space. The intricate designs and vivid colors make them not just souvenirs but exquisite pieces of art that light up both your room and your memories of Vietnam.

Dong Ho Paintings: Folk Art at Its Finest


A painters working on Dong Ho paintings


Dong Ho paintings, traditional woodcut prints, vividly depict Vietnamese folk tales. With rich symbolism and intricate detailing, these paintings are a visual journey into Vietnam’s cultural heritage. Each piece tells a story, making it a unique and meaningful addition to your collection.

Mekong Quilts’ Quilted Coats: Fashion Fused with Purpose


Mekong Quilts’ colorful quilted coats


Mekong Quilts’ quilted coats seamlessly blend style with social impact. Each jacket is a testament to the resilience and creativity of women in rural Vietnam. Beyond keeping you warm, these jackets carry the warmth of community support, making them a fashionable statement with a purpose.

Flavors of Phu Quoc: Pepper with a Distinctive Zest


A group of tourists are visiting a peppercorn farm in Phu Quoc


Embark on a culinary journey with the famed Phu Quoc pepper, a treasure from the fertile soils of Phu Quoc Island. Known for its unique aroma and robust taste, this pepper adds a distinctive touch to your dishes. Bringing home Phu Quoc pepper means infusing your kitchen with the authentic flavors of Vietnam. Elevate your culinary creations with this exceptional pepper, a true gem from the heart of the island.

Marou Chocolate: Saigon’s Sweet Symphony


Some of Marou Chocolate’s range


Indulge your sweet tooth with the richness of Marou chocolate, a decadent creation from the bustling streets of Saigon. Crafted with finesse, Marou chocolates celebrate the flavors of Vietnamese cacao, offering a symphony of tastes in every bite. These delectable treats not only satisfy your sweet cravings but also make for perfect souvenirs that encapsulate the essence of Vietnam’s culinary prowess. Take a piece of Saigon’s sweet legacy home with Marou chocolate, a delightful reminder of your culinary adventure in Vietnam.

Mekong Quilts: Crafting Empowerment and Community Support

In the heart of Vietnam, Mekong Quilts emerges as a guide of empowerment. Beyond creating exquisite quilts, water hyacinth bags, and quilted jackets, Mekong Quilts is a social enterprise dedicated to providing sustainable employment for underprivileged women. Every purchase becomes a contribution to a community’s journey towards self-sufficiency and empowerment.


As you explore Vietnam’s markets and workshops, consider these souvenirs not just as mementos but as storytellers. Each item, carefully crafted, carries with it a piece of Vietnam’s soul, waiting to become a part of your own narrative.


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