Our bikes are guaranteed 4 years for all bamboo parts except the front basket: it is designed for weights of 5 kilos or less.

Bamboo furnitures are guaranteed 1 year and are fit for interior use only

Quilted products are guaranteed 180 days.

In case of problem, please contact our Customer Service at: info@mekongquilts.com or call +84 (0)8 3516 1530 between 8:30am and 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time on working days. You will be asked to provide the serial number for the bike frames (which lies under the bottom bracket, and a picture of the problem; if possible the serial number should be visible on the same picture), a proof of payment for the accessories and quilts. Our Customer Service will try to find the best solution  in the shortest delays.

If a problem is identified upon reception, we should be notified within 10 days after delivery.

Please see the attached documents for bamboo & for the quilted products, for warranty details.