Top 10 Christmas Gifts and Decorations you can get at Mekong Quilts

Do you hear the Christmas bells ring? You’re not imagining things because it’s already winter depending on where you live. We figured that means it’s time to help you out with shopping for the season’s greetings!

Despite the ongoing pandemic, production has resumed at Mekong Quilts after months of quiet—great news for our lovely craftswomen and the perfect opportunity to shop with us!

Here are the 10 best Christmas Gifts you can get at Mekong Quilts to doll things up at home and show appreciation to the people you treasure and love.

Mekong Quilts Baby Quilts

No doubt, quilts are the namesake star of the show at Mekong Quilts. These miniature-sized baby quilts measuring between 1–1.5 metres are the perfect gift for toddlers. From animal designs such as the majestic Asian elephant, water buffalo and children dressed in áo dài and donning conical hats, you’re sure to find a style that both you and the kids love.

A selection of baby quilts


Price: From $120.


Papier-mâché Lanterns

These intricately hand-crafted lanterns are made with paper covered with fabric, just like all other papier-mache products at Mekong Quilts. Light-weight and easy to store when done with, it’s made as an accompaniment to every corner of the home and Christmas tree. Comes in dozens of designs as single pieces or as a set of 5.

Mekong Quilts’ colorful papier-mâché lanterns


Price: $22.50 for 5 pieces.


Joy Noel Bag

More than just Christmas fun, Joy the Snowman wants you to know that protecting our planet is important, too! Just like this bag, Mekong Quilts abstains from using synthetic materials and fibres as much as possible. Stay jolly and environmentally friendly!

Price: $12


Reusable Cloth Mask

Arguably the most useful item on this list! Mekong Quilts decided to create designer masks as a response to the pandemic in March 2020 to provide an environmentally friendly solution while creating work for craftswomen. Reusable and washable, each mask features at least three cloth layers with 1 superior anti-microbial membrane layer to provide you with the protection you need.

With unforgettable designs ranging from batik to sapa fabrics and various styles of patchwork integrating fabrics inspired by different cultures, you’ll impress not just yourself but also friends and family!

A set of handcrafted face masks


Price: $15 for 10 face masks.


Quilt Advent Calendar

On the first day of Christmas, the quilt angels sent me a… Quilt Advent Calendar!

100% quilted and the perfect build-up towards Christmas day for you to shower the kids with sweet notes and treats, it comes in two designs, with an especially memorable one that features minimalist depictions and re-imaginations of rural Vietnamese farm life.

Mekong Quilts’ Advent Calendar


Price: $35.


Sunbonnet Hanging & Bunting Decorations

At Mekong Quilts, we like to call the Vietnamese conical hat, or nón lá, a Vietnamese sunbonnet! These decorations are hung individually wherever you like. Angel trumpeting their cornets with a sunbonnet? The bottom line is that these colourful jewels will brighten up any home! 10 designs available.

An equally festive alternative are similar designs in the form of bunting decorations. Perfect for pillars, doors, and Christmas trees. Also made with papier-mâché & fabric, you can even hang them across cupboard handles in childrens’ rooms. Our favourite version features kids donning traditional Vietnamese áo dài garb and conical hats. By the way, there’s also a choice made with batik fabric.

Mekong Quilts’ Christmas decoration


Price: $15.


Bamboo Christmas Tree

Here’s the ultimate when it comes to celebrating a sustainable Christmas—a foldable bamboo Christmas tree that will last you years to come. Make this Christmas one that will teach the kids about the importance of sharing and keeping Gaia healthy.

Mekong Quilts’ foldable bamboo Christmas tree

Price: from 63$


Christmas Tree Skirt

A Christmas tree skirt is an essential placemat for presents. Can’t get enough of Vietnamese conical hats? Now you can have a Christmas tree skirt with that, and, quilted! (Other designs are available too.)


Price: $64


Vietnam Sunbonnet Cushion

Here’s something that will last a few Decembers! These cushions that feature more of the iconic conical hats are perfect on beds and sofas. Spice up your living room today. Comes in other designs too and 2 sizes (40x40cm,70x40cm).

A cushion featuring the traditional Vietnamese sunbonnet


Price: from $15


Denim Make-up Bag

These functional and beautiful make-up bags feature authentic Sapa indigo fabric acquired sustainably from Hmong Tribeswomen in northern Vietnam. The fabrics are washed and dried carefully three times before being integrated as patchwork onto the bags. Truly eye-catching and lasting.

Mekong Quilts’ denim make-up bags


Price: from $9


Visit Mekong Quilts New Store in Ho Chi Minh City

For friends living in Ho Chi Minh City, do note that Mekong Quilts as opened a new store, at 85 Pasteur Street, District 1.

Be sure to visit between 10 am–6 pm from Monday to Sunday for your essential seasonal shopping spree.


Mekong Quilt’s pop-up store at Snap Cafe in Thảo Điền


For online orders and more information about Mekong Quilts and how you can help our quilt craftswomen during these difficult times, visit us at

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