Mekong Quilts: Our Story and Commitment

In 2001, Mekong Quilts was founded as a social enterprise focusing on creating sustainable employment for underprivileged women in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Beginning as a humble quilting workshop in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, we now work hand in hand with more than three provinces in both countries and employ more than 100 women in 20 villages. Beyond high-quality quilted bedroom products, Mekong Quilts also produces souvenirs and reusable items that are beneficial for both the planet and people.

Changing the lives of the underprivileged

Beginning from training, Mekong Quilts works closely with underprivileged women to provide a stable income for them and their families. Unlike typical factory work, quilting gives women the freedom to work from homes and close to their families; vital because some of our beneficiaries are single parents, often the only adult supporting entire families.


A quilter working next to her daughter.

Beyond the direct economic benefit, profits made from Mekong Quilts’ products are reallocated with help from our parent organisation Mekong Plus NGO. The extended community and families of quilters enjoy the fruits of labour through initiatives including micro-financing, scholarships, campus health programmes, and an assortment of agricultural education programmes.


Beyond Quilts; a wide portfolio of products

In the last two decades, Mekong Quilts’ and its team’s love for innovation has enriched its selection of products.

From Vietnam to Paris, our quilt designs draw inspiration from both local and foreign cultures. Most notably, the animal series of quilts is a hit among children. The recent Sapa series of designer quilts fuses the traditional fabrics of several indigenous tribes in Northern Vietnam, making every finished article a timeless piece of art destined to survive generations.

Hammocks are an essential part of Southeast-Asian culture; Mekong Quilts’ line of comfortable hammocks are a combination of sturdy bamboo craftwork and eye-catching quilts, making it perfect for a refreshing afternoon siesta.


Our colorful Sa Pa quilted hammock.

Like our quilts, Mekong Quilts’ range of clothes is handmade by our craftswomen in rural villages. Breathable, light, and fashionable, feel good in both body and soul when you wear them.

During the 2020 pandemic, Mekong Quilts launched a series of 4-layer Batik and Sapa-inspired facemasks that quickly became one of the most sought-after products in our product line-up.

It goes beyond just fabrics at our headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City. About a decade ago, Mekong Quilts began Research & Development work to produce Southeast Asia’s first premium range of bamboo bicycles. With the help of French-born bicycle designer Alain Kit, Mekong Quilts now manufactures five different models of durable and comfortable bamboo bicycles, including several battery-powered models, as well as a full range of 100%-bamboo accessories for a complete bamboo experience.


Alain and his dragon e-bike.

Creating a positive impact on our planet

With a world that’s on the brink of an environmental crisis, Mekong Quilts strives to be a social organisation that prides itself on loving our planet. All materials used for Mekong Quilts’ products are natural and locally sourced to reduce the environmental impact caused by logistics.

We make our clothes from natural linen and cotton and our papier-mache souvenirs from 100% recycled newspaper.

Water hyacinth is known as a “river weed”, but artisans of Mekong Quilts have transformed its fibres into a line of waterproof and durable bags that’s great for travel and shopping.


One of our women artisans working on water hyacinth bags..

Our bamboo bikes are more than 95% bamboo, except for joints fabricated from a combination of epoxy and organic fibres for maximum stability.

Thank you for supporting Mekong Quilts during tough times

Through the decades, international customers have made it possible for Mekong Quilts to continue providing work and income to our women artisans!

The 2020 pandemic has made life a little more difficult for all of us, and we have turned to focus more on online sales. Work has been re-distributed among Mekong Quilts and our beneficiaries to minimise the suffering caused by the reduced workload and income.

Even with ongoing hardships, we strive to create new designs. Products that we envision as an intermediary between tradition and modernity.

Mekong Quilts; for you, your home, and your children!

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