Mekong Quilts’ Handcrafted Baby Products: The Perfect Gifts for Newborns

Mekong Quilts is best known for its beautiful bed quilts sewn by some of the most nimble-handed and talented women artisans in Vietnam and Cambodia.


For more than 20 years, the humble social enterprise has improved the lives of countless underprivileged women by providing them with sustainable employment while allowing their children to stay in school thanks to elevated income levels and Mekong Quilts’ scholarship programme.


Sophisticated fabric work and handicraft making techniques at Mekong Quilts allow for the realisation of many creations suitable for newborns and children. Offering both style and comfort, Mekong Quilts baby products are celebrated by moms and perfect as presents for friends ushering new family members into the household!


Here’s a quick list of best gift ideas for newborns at Mekong Quilts!

Baby Quilts

Made with the same level of care and attention as all other Mekong Quilts quilted products, Mekong Quilts’ Baby Quilts feature designs that are loved by young ones. From elephants, giraffes, lions, to alphabets and adorable conical-hat donning children, it’s not difficult to understand why even adults fall in love too!


Two babies playing on a baby quilt from Mekong Quilts


All baby quilts come in the size of 120cm x 100cm, making them suitable for older infants too!


Enjoy 20%-off and free shipping until 15th January 2022 for all orders of baby quilts.

Baby Cushions

Just like Mekong Quilts’ baby quilts, Mekong Quilts’ baby cushions feature bright colours, animal-centric designs and the same memorable sewing patterns.

Great in cots or as an accompaniment to play areas. Thinking of getting one even if you’re not a baby? Baby cushions are also handy as sofa cushions and comfort items in a car.


A few of Mekong Quilts’ colorful baby quilts


Just like quilts, all cushions at Mekong Quilts are made with 100% cotton fabric that’s safe and hypoallergenic.


Currently, all baby cushions are on sale with up to 30%-off until 15th January 2022.


The Kidboo is a well-deserved spin-off from Mekong Quilts’ other line of exciting products—Vietnam’s only bamboo bicycles!


If the word Kidboo sounds foreign to your ears, that’s Mekong Quilts’ name for its bamboo balance bicycle, one with no pedals and designed for kids to kick around with and acquire proper balance before moving on to a full-fledged bicycle; an excellent alternative to plastic kick scooters.


Mekong Quilts’ Kidboo made from bamboo


Just like adult bamboo bicycles fabricated at Mekong Quilts’ state-of-the-art bamboo bicycle workshop, the Kidboo is 99% organic and made with strong & flexible Tầm Vông bamboo from Vietnam’s Bình Thuận province, with the exception of joint connections strengthened using a mix of hemp fibre, synthetic fibre and epoxy, providing a safe, naturally dampened ride that makes outdoor playtime a breeze!


Adult sized fixies, geared bicycles and electric bicycles are also available at Mekong Quilts. Everyone in the family deserves a comfy ride.


Keep feeding sessions mess-free with Mekong Quilts’ baby bibs that are machine-washable and made with 100% cotton.


A kid wearing a baby bib from Mekong Quilts


Available in 3 unique designs featuring an unlikely yet friendly trio of elephant, rabbit and gecko, these bibs come with a snap-fastener that’s especially handy since infant hands can wreak havoc faster than adults can fathom—you’ll be grateful if rice or soup is involved!

A gift that gives twice!

Mekong Quilts believes that every item purchased is a gift that gives twice—a joyous occasion for both the recipient and craftswomen!


It has been two difficult years for Mekong Quilts due to the COVID-19 pandemic; less than half of Mekong Quilts craftswomen remain employed due to the lack of tourism in both Vietnam and Cambodia.


A craftwomen working on a quilt


Every new order represents a glimmer of hope for them and their families.


For residents of Ho Chi Minh City who are interested in Mekong Quilts bamboo bicycles, be sure to follow Mekong Quilts’ Facebook Page for updates on upcoming bamboo bicycle tours that are organised at least once a month.


For a small contribution to Mekong Quilts’ scholarship fund aimed at underprivileged students in the Mekong Delta, take Mekong Quilts’ bamboo bicycles for a spin in one of Ho Chi Minh City’s last green sanctuaries.


Visit to find out more about other products, and how you can help one of the region’s only quilt-based social enterprises to improve the lives of locals.

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