10 unique Mekong Quilts souvenirs to take home from Vietnam

With more than twenty years of experience working with underprivileged women in the Mekong Delta, Mekong Quilts’ mission is to provide sustainable fabric work for nimble-handed artisans while improving their family’s lives and helping their children stay in school through mentorship and scholarship programmes.

Despite humble beginnings as a sewing shop in downtown Ho Chi Minh City producing just five designs of bed quilts in 2002, Mekong Quilts has now grown to become a social enterprise spanning more than 100 artisans spread across three provinces in both Vietnam and Cambodia.

Consequently, it’s no longer just about quilts at Mekong Quilts!

Here’s a list of handmade products made with passion by Mekong Quilts’ artisans that are perfect as gifts to take home from Vietnam.

Adult quilts

No bedroom is complete without a set of quilts to keep you warm during cold days, and well wrapped up during hot days when turning up the air-conditioner gives you that extra comfy feeling at night.


One of our beautiful handmade quilt


Mekong Quilts’ quilts feature designs that draw inspiration from a wide range of culture cues—from Vietnam’s Hmong ethnicity’s traditional garb to traditional cross stitches, rest assured because there’s certainly a set that’s going to draw your attention.


Sofa Covers

These elegantly designed sofa covers are another way to enjoy quilts that also help protect your furniture at the same time.


Our sofa cover Sa Pa quilts


Our favourite design is inspired by Cambodian-style cubic batik. Stained by accident after a gathering with friends? These high quality 150x150cm pieces are machine washable with mild laundry detergent. Dry in the shade and it gets softer, lovelier, and more velvety after every wash.


Baby Quilts & Bibs

For the youngest in the family, Mekong Quilts’ offers quilts featuring everything from schools of fish to adorable elephants and prehistoric dinosaurs. There’s just so much to choose from—drop by our online catalogue to find out more.


Three of our colourful baby quilts


Having trouble during lunch with the kids? Mekong Quilts’ colourful bibs are 100% cotton, machine washable and feature a convenient hook-and-loop fastener that makes feeding schedule a breeze!


Cushion covers

Your favourite cushions deserve the best protection, and in the most fashionable way possible!


Our quilted cushion covers, perfect to give some life to your bedroom


Mekong Quilts’ soft cushion covers are made with an additional layer of polyester filling for additional warmth and comfort while featuring a concealed zipper for safety and durability.

With dozens of handcrafted designs available, these 40x40cm covers are a great way to spice up your living room with more colour and life.


Water Hyacinth Bags

Often called an invasive water weed, water hyacinth may look beautiful but their uncontrolled growth clogs waterways and kills thousands of aquatic species by ridding streams of oxygen and sunlight.

Luckily, Mekong Quilts’ artisans in the Mekong Delta have found a perfect solution for turning these obnoxious floaters into beautiful cream-toned bags.


One of Mekong Quilts’ craftwomen working on water hyacinth bags


After the stalks of water hyacinth is dried under the sun, the resultant “rattan” is sorted based on size and weaved into the desired shape. Every water hyacinth bag takes about a week for Mekong Quilts’ artisans to complete from start to finish and are light, durable and the perfect accompaniment to summer wear.


The final product: A beautiful water hyacinth bag



Kitchen accessories

Anyone who spends a substantial time in the kitchen will understand the importance of safety and aesthetics.


A blue apron: One of our many kitchen accessories


Our quilt-inspired pot holders, oven gloves and aprons are a treat for the eyes and provide a comfortable way to protect you from the dangers of cooking.


Christmas time’s the best time

Mekong Quilts papier-mâché products are creations that humble scrap newspaper, magazines and glue into works of art. After dozens of dried layers, colouring and even lacquering, unbelievable Christmas gifts such as buntings and lanterns come to life.


Christmas decorations hanging on our bamboo Christmas tree


Find similar Christmas treats made from felt, just like this string of children dorning conical hats and christmas-themed coloured coats.


Our quilted advent calendar, a Christmas best seller


Our personal favourites include a quilted advent calendar with an individual pocket for daily gifts, and a reusable bamboo christmas tree that’ll last years without chopping down another pine tree.



Quilts you can wear

Quilts are wearable too! Find your favourite style in the form of colourful coats that’s perfect for any day or festive occasion.


One of our quilted coats



Hammocks (Our favourite!)

Possibly the “chillest” item of this list is a quilted hammock. Washable and featuring a foldable frame, fit at least a few in your car for a family outing like no other.

Available in classic quilt stitch patterns, hmong-inspired, and plain colours.


Our quilted hammocks come in various colours and patterns



Bamboo Bicycles for the whole family

Last but not least, Mekong Quilts line of bamboo bicycles is a result of more than 45 trials and engineering tests. Featuring no synthetic parts apart from rims, brakes and fibreglass-epoxy joints, there’s a size for everyone in the family and even electric powered rides that are perfect for city commuters.


One of our beautiful bamboo bikes


Expect a really comfortable ride because bamboo is one of the most tensile and flexible organic materials you can find in nature (apart from spider web!).


Where can you find these products?

Regardless of what you fancy at Mekong Quilts, every purchase is a gift that gives twice! Putting a smile on the receiver’s and helping an artisan and her family flourish.

Visit Mekong Quilts’ physical shop at 85 Pasteur, Bến Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City or browse the online store https://mekongquilts.com/ today to make a difference!

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