Private Sale Mekong Quilts Products

Pascale, in Bangkok

Pascale visited our shop and proposed to organize a Christmas sales at her residence. She sent invitations to friends and neighbors, almost all of them had never heard of Mekong Quilts or about our quilts, as we are still very new in Bangkok.

Although the sale took place after quite a few other similar events, many people attended and all bought quite a few quilts, and accessories, soft toys etc. Total sales amounted to 1600$, a great achievement. Costs were kept at minimum, just fliers distributed in the neighborhood, and taxi fares to bring the products. Pascale made new friends and has plans for another event in the coming months. Sure enough, this will help building a network of sympathizers; some will imitate Pascale and organize their own sales events. Sales will grow when more people in the big city will know about the quilts.

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