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  • Length: 80cm
  • Width: 14cm
  • Height: 43cm
  • Weight: 3 kgs
  • Bamboo frame: Tam Vong natural




 The Kidboo bike is all handmade using Tam Vong bamboo, which grows in abundance on the hills of Bình Thuận province, Vietnam. Tam Vong bamboo is light weight but has the same tensile strength as steel.

We have 2 workshops in the province, creating jobs for 20 craftsmen and women. It takes over 50 hours of expertise to craft these unique bikes: by riding this bike you contribute to a better life for dozens of people by roughly doubling their income.

A truly unique gift, the Kidboo is perfect for young children as they become active andmobile. It will ensure they quickly learn the art of balancing, allowing them to move faster and faster. The bike features an all bamboo frame and handles bars, 12 inch robust wheels and a fully adjustable seat. With this light-weight bike, your child will be learning as well as having fun in style! 

Like all other items from Mekong+ and Mekong Quilts, this is a gift that gives twice!


4 years warranty on bamboo parts


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Customer’s commendations
“My husband bought me 3 of your  stunning quilts, (a year ago)… I just absolutely love them… bit of a struggle trying to get them in our luggage but we did it… lol…. Just love, love your shops….xx”
Alison Edwards (USA)
“Beautiful experience! I had heard about Mekong Quilts and made it a point to visit. Beautiful quilts all hand made along with many other things. I bought a wonderful small quilt and pillow cover for my new 1 year old grandson with geccos on it. Fantastic and perfect for a little boy. If you have time definity stop by the ladies are very nice and helpful.
Shanghai168 / Georgetown, Texas
“The quilt is the most beautiful object I have from Vietnam / SE Asia. It is absolutely perfect! I was a tailor when I was young and I know how much time and skill goes into hand crafted work. This quilt is a gift for my sister but I love it so much I have just ordered another one”.
Allison Cargill, UK