Bamboo helmet ( 2 PIECES/ SET)



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This helmet is extra strong, with layers of laminated bamboo, glued together. Our internal tests have shown it is stronger than any other bicycle helmets on the market. However it is not CE certified. See

Bamboo bends but does not break. Laminated bamboo -4 layers, is even stronger. Mekong+ and Mekong Quilts produce very reliable bamboo helmets with an EVA liner of 3 different thickness’s (10-12-15mm) to adjust for various head sizes and comfort. See the video which compares the strength of our bamboo helmets with an ordinary one. The helmets have not been certified yet, this is under process.



The making of the helmets is all by hand and involves a dozen different steps, all by very skilled women workers. The bamboo workshops provide employment to 20 people who have thus roughly doubled their income.



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“My husband bought me 3 of your  stunning quilts, (a year ago)… I just absolutely love them… bit of a struggle trying to get them in our luggage but we did it… lol…. Just love, love your shops….xx”
Alison Edwards (USA)
“Beautiful experience! I had heard about Mekong Quilts and made it a point to visit. Beautiful quilts all hand made along with many other things. I bought a wonderful small quilt and pillow cover for my new 1 year old grandson with geccos on it. Fantastic and perfect for a little boy. If you have time definity stop by the ladies are very nice and helpful.
Shanghai168 / Georgetown, Texas
“The quilt is the most beautiful object I have from Vietnam / SE Asia. It is absolutely perfect! I was a tailor when I was young and I know how much time and skill goes into hand crafted work. This quilt is a gift for my sister but I love it so much I have just ordered another one”.
Allison Cargill, UK