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Ms.Dao quilters group, Dúc Linh

Hand crafted by our women artisans in rural Vietnam and Cambodia, this quilt features the traditional symbol of Happiness as the central motif. This symbol has been embraced in Vietnamese culture as a cultural element to spread joy and good fortune throughout the country in all situations.

The quilt is made with 100% cotton fabric and is hand appliquéd with the Happiness symbol as the central motif. The background is made up of a geometric quilting pattern and framed with a thin and elegant contrast border. The backing is simply one fabric in a complementary colour. Between the appliquéd layer is a filling of polyester batting for warmth and comfort. The layers are hand-stitched together in an intricate stitching pattern to prevent shifting and to keep the layers secure for the long life of the cushion.

Our quilts are of the highest quality and easy to look after. Simply machine wash with cold water on a delicate setting with mild laundry detergent, then lay out flat to dry in the shade. It will become softer and cozier with every wash.

It is guaranteed to bring individuality and happiness to any home.

Ms. Đao manages a group of 24 quilters. The quilters live close to their children and family and have approximately doubled their income. In rural areas, incomes fluctuate with market prices and climate, harvest times and lean seasons. The quilters add a stable source of income which benefits their families and communities.

Watch this 4′ video to see how the quilt program is a key element for community development.

Every item purchased from Mekong Quilts is a gift that gives twice.


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